These best-selling massage and facial packages relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

These combinations are designed for the active OBX-enthusiasts who have a strong desire to relax their body, pamper their skin, and release muscular adhesions and energy blockages all within the same day.

Spa Packages

The Classic

2 hours @ $180.00

Still going strong, this package has been the most popular and sought-after treatment for over 15 years.  Caution:  This package promotes an amazingly deep state of relaxation.  (2 hours)

  • 60 minute Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work and/or Medicupping Therapy, AND…
  • 60 minute Customized European Facial

The Express

1 hour @ $100.00


The express package is designed for the vacationer who doesn’t want to sacrifice their beach time or the busy local professional. This package offers an abbreviated version of The Classic Package for those on-the-go beach people looking for a quick, yet relaxing treatment.  (1 hour)


  • 30 minute Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work or Medicupping Therapy, AND…
  • 30 minute Customized European Facial


The Ultimate

3 hours @ $260.00

Prepare to spend a great portion of your day in bliss!  For the ultimate spa-like experience, The Ultimate Package combines your choice of these two extended, luxurious and deeply relaxing treatments. You may want to call an Uber after this one! (3 hours)

  • 90 minute Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work and/or Medicupping Therapy, AND…
  • 90 minute Customized European Facial

*Feel free to select any of the add-ons listed in addition to the packages.

Certain services may not be feasible when combined with other depending on skin or medical conditions. Further discussion during health intake will determine what is recommended, and services/prices will be altered accordingly prior to treatment.

Massage therapists may vary.  Call or text 252-202-2011 for specific availability.

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